Amalfi Coast - 9 routes between history, nature, art and food

Vito Pinto

“Every bend, every indentation or protrusion
of the coast retains a marvel, an ever changing
landscape, either barren or dense of those
terraces with ‘macerine’ stones with sovereign
dimensions of lemon groves and, higher up,
hidden in Tramonti, exquisite vines”.

The only one of its kind, the Amalfi Coast holds perched dwellings, steep cliffs, swarming beaches, plots of vertical stairs, yellow and fragrant lemon groves, squares and caskets of art of incomparable charm, which have captivated illustrious travellers and Hollywood stars. The sinuous bends of the state road Amalfitana 163, the most
beautiful road in the world, will take you to the most famous and less known places, some UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Savour typical dishes, which you don’t always find in tourist menus. Enjoy the true soul of the “Divine”, in its tranquillity, unveiled by journalists and experts of the area, real ‘local ambassadors’of such beauty.

ISBN: 9788894925104

Anno: 2018

Genere: travel guide

Pagine: 156 + pull out map

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